NEW! Market Intelligence Modules

Monday, October 15 | 3:00 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.

Meet the Marketing Intellegentsia. These three new dynamic sessions will introduce you to customer intelligence trailblazers. They'll present the latest findings from their own consumer research and market analysis on how to put your data to good use. For more details, visit Vivastream.

Understanding the Consumer: Social Media Listening and Online Decision Paths

Sponsored by   KBM

This session examines state-of-the-art tools and techniques—specifically web-based listening platforms and online decision tracking—for structuring unorganized digital consumer information into market intelligence, as well as for tracking "pathways" to learn from the consumer's digital journey in order to optimize marketing spending. Examples from a variety of industries will illustrate concepts.

Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson
VP, Director of Customer Dialogue

Sarah Pease Darilmaz

Sarah Pease Darilmaz
Associate Director, Marketing Intelligence
KBM Group

(will immediately be followed by a Networking Reception)

The Data Connection: Marketing to the Empowered Consumer

Sponsored by   Acxiom

The world is awash in data and a growing list of media channels. While easier to reach, today's consumer is paradoxically more difficult to truly engage. The business of marketing has changed. Join in the conversation as we unpack the big concepts surrounding sources, uses and application of data in the marketing environment. Covering digital and direct marketing roles, this session focuses on solving for the customer. We'll discuss:

  • myth and hyperbole surrounding data
  • refined insight, the fuel for effective marketing
  • building and protecting the asset value of a brand's data
  • outcomes—putting it all together

Phil Mui

Phil Mui
Chief Product Officer

(will immediately be followed by a Networking Reception)

The New Digital Challenge: Reaping the Rewards of the Consumer-Driven Age

Sponsored by   PB

The digitization of consumers' lives continues to reverberate through the marketing profession, creating entirely new business practices and then sometimes up-ending or replacing them just as quickly. A few key themes and challenges are emerging around the needs and desires of digitally empowered consumers, and the companies that want to profit based on that information. We'll discuss the five P's:

  • Prefer
  • Protect
  • Prepare
  • Pivot
  • Prosper

Chuck Cordray

Chuck Cordray
Volly, Pitney Bowes



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