Garbage collection in Overland Park

It is provided door to door for all users except users whose homes are inaccessible by vehicles. In this case, the waste collection is ensured in points of regrouping of the containers and dumpsters, namely 18 points of regrouping.

The year 2020 was marked by the establishment a new household waste collection market which has resulted in:

  • By taking into account a greater number of users in the collection through the acquisition of equipment suitable for difficult access roads:
    4×4 chassis, mini-skips;
  • By a requirement of higher quality of service: collection of bags at the side bins (Figure 60), collection of waste discharged next to the bins

Collection of plant waste and bulky items

The government ensures a separate door-to-door collection and by eco-cubes (up to September 30, 2021) plant waste and bulky items. Door-to-door collection door is ensured by hook lift truck with grapple or manually depending on the sectors.

Since October 1, 2020 (new contract), the entire territory is collected in business (by a waste management compnay for the collection of plant waste and bulky across the state of Kansas). This new contract resulted in essentially as for the collection of household waste, by a quality of
superior service: fine sweeping after the passage of the grapple truck in particular.

Selective collection of packaging for recycling

In KS TCO municipalities, the collection of recyclable waste is performed once a week; to best satisfy this service, the users are provided with a second green bin with a yellow cover.

In 2019, the municipality of Overland Park experienced an increase in its tonnage; this positive results can be found in the extension of selective collection to the entire county.

In fact, since November 2020, the entire municipality of is now served. In addition, the nearby counties do get served by this collection only at the end of December 2020, hence the lack of figures . The population participates in selective collection, since the tonnages characterize the success of the operation.

Indeed, the rapid and continuous increase in the number of visitors to Overland Park has caused the degradation of certain public facilities (showers, toilets, telephone booths, facades of buildings) and a very increased production of garbage, which tends to overflow the trash cans and accumulate in the streets.

The parcs and their surroundings are often dirty at the end of the day (cigarette butts, papers, beverage cans). The very image of the area suffers as a result.

Some residents have been getting together and looked for dumpster rental near me services in order to remove all this junk on a regular basis. Some local waste management companies in Overland Park offer hiring of bins for a fixed duration, at affordable costs.

It is important that everyone in the area understands the importance of avoiding wastage and recycling as much as possible to limit pollution. Efforts by the municipality in coordination with dumpster rental companies have seen an increase in clean out endeavors and usage of the recycling facilities.

Let’s keep the state of Kansas clean and green, let’s all act with sustainabilty in mind, discard junk to avoid garbage pilling up everywhere.