Backyard Makeover in Arizona

backyard makeover in Phoenix
In Arizona, you can spend many months outside enjoying the weather and you want to have a yard in which it is a pleasure to do so. Use professional landscape maintenance service companies with a skilled team of experienced landscape designers that can give your landscape the complete makeover that it needs.

Year-round outdoor living is a part of life in Phoenix, AZ, one of the many reasons people are relocating there and an al fresco dining space is a must have for entertaining your friends and guests.

Have you been to a backyard BBQ and gotten jealous of your neighbor’s pool features? Want a pool you’re proud to show off again? Then it’s time for a backyard makeover. With the help of Arizona main landscape companies, you can turn your tired, boring, uninspired old pool into a marvel. Small backyard makeovers can transform that amazing space at the rear of your property. Think about creating the backyard of your dreams now.

If your backyard is a jungle or simply bland and boring, you might be dreaming of finally doing something about it. Now is the time. Backyard makeovers are creative and fun to do, and they transform more of your property into usable space.

Looking to build the backyard of your dreams without breaking the bank? Don’t pay retail when you can pay wholesale. At some landscape providers, the commitment to keeping the overhead low is passed on to their customers. Each job performed is completed by a specialist in that field.

My friend’s backyard in Phoenix was in need of a total makeover. They had this plain and very boring patio area on the side of their house. It was such an eye sore but now its a place that they can really entertain in. They love this space. They did this covered area that is much-needed in Arizona. They are now in total love with their patio set.

The supplier’s team members have been serving Phoenix for decades. Besides pools, their team has built everything from government facilities to large commercial warehouses to custom homes right here in Southern Arizona since the 70’s. Pools and backyard living is easy for them, and their leaders have 20 years experience in that as well.

A sizable landscape makeover will create a lot of junk and debris and these professionals knew they need to rent a roll-off dumpter to conveniently dispose of all these waste materials. They use the services of a AZ rolloff dumpster rentals company so that the owners of the house did not have to worry about doing any cleaning, all of it was taken care of for them.

Creating the perfect backyard landscape takes experience. The placement of furniture, accents, and amenities must be taken into careful consideration. Your outdoor kitchen and BBQ must be accessible. Your fireplace or firepit must be carefully placed to allow for seating. The backyard is divided into three different zones: a lounge area, a dining space and fire pit seating. First when you come in you step into the lounge spot. With this future vacation rental home expected to house up to ten guests, they needed to maximize the seating area, so they combined two coordinating patio sets from Lowe’s.

The re-landscaped DIY backyard now contains a patio for entertaining, a potting area, a raised bed for vegetables and herbs, a patch of Eco-Lawn, loads of native and low-water plants, and the house’s old mailbox. The swimming pool, seen on America’s Most Desperate Landscape, received a major overhaul that turned this backyard space into one the whole family will enjoy. The swimming pool received some much need attention and the pergola beside the pool is the perfect spot to relax during a warm summer night.

In addition they planted two citrus trees in the backyard that sat in a field of gravel for years and proceeded to turn brown. Until recently the backyard had not changed, now it always receives compliment from guests.