5 Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Since 2010 when Instagram came into existence all top-notch brands, celebs, social media influencers as well as small companies have taken benefit of Instagram to increase their website visitors.

Companies have adjusted their social media marketing strategies rather quickly to engage their target audience and drive more traffic, leads and revenue to their business. However, some companies follow the same strategy that they follow for other social media networking platforms. It does not give them the optimal results.

Therefore it becomes vital to know what should be done or not while using any social media platform, including instagram.

Here are 5 Instagram mistakes that people or businesses generally make while running their Instagram campaign:

1. Not Setting A Goal

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media tools that allow you to bring more traffic to your website. However, if you don’t have a goal-driven strategy, you will get no positive results with your social media campaigns.

You should be clear about your goal before opening your Instagram account. Create content or image by keeping in mind your target audience. Know what you exactly want from your Instagram marketing campaign and develop a strategy around your goal.

2. Not Responding to User Comments

User engagement is an essential and most important part of building brand value. Several Instagram analytics tools are there to help you know the post viewers and the number of people who liked or commented on your post. If you have a new Instagram site and have only 2-3 comments on your photos, you can take help of paid marketing.

With the help of this, you can get users who can comment on your Instagram photos. Once people start commenting on your photos, respond them as quickly as possible. If you don’t respond to your customers, it will be interpreted as a sign that you do not value your followers. And it will result in unfollows. Therefore, it is vital to respond promptly to all user comments.

3. Not Including A Link In Your Bio

Traffic is vital for a brand to get successful. And an effective Instagram marketing campaign allows you to reach the target audience. If people like your brand, they will start following you.

However, if you don’t put a link in your bio, people will not be able to reach your website, and this will decrease your site traffic. Instagram gives an opportunity to its users to add a clickable link in the author bio. So, make sure to take complete advantage of it. You can place links to your website or landing page.

4. Not Completing Your Bio

Your profile builds the first impression of your company. An incomplete bio makes users reluctant to follow that account. Therefore, make sure to curate your profile with the good quality picture, a call to action and an interesting description.

5. Not Using Hashtags The Right Way

If you do not include proper and relevant hashtags to your posts, it means you may miss a chance to be found by new users. To get better reach, you can use up to 30 hashtags in an Instagram post. Don’t place so many hashtags in a post as it will make your post look spammy and it will also decrease your trustworthiness. Keep hashtags limited and relevant to the context to get your content discovered by people.