Ask-the-Experts Roundtables

Monday, October 15 | 12:30 P.M. - 1:30 P.M. | DMA Village, Exhibit Hall

Choose from our incredible selection of experts, or choose the title that most appeals, then spend your lunch break at one of our tables and discuss the hot topics of the day with your peers – a perfect opportunity to network and learn at the same time. For more details, visit

  1. Lights, Camera, Action! How to Use Video to Build Your Brand
    Glenda Lehman Ervin, Vice President, Marketing, Lehman's
  2. DNA: Your Most Efficient Access to Europe!
    Roland Meyer, CMO, künzlerbachmann Directmarketing
  3. Web Content: Generating Heightened Engagement, Customer Loyalty and Sales
    Carol Worthington-Levy, Creative Director, Worthington-Levy Creative
  4. Mobile Marketing: What's Working, What's Not & What's Coming
    Jeannette Kocsis, SVP, Digital Marketing, The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks
  5. Media Convergence: The Future of Direct Marketing?
    Thaddeus B. Kubis, Chief Evangelist Media Convergence, The Institute For Media Convergence and NAK Integrated
  6. Bridging On and Offline Communications with Transpromo Advertising
    Tamas Sztaricskai, CEO, Adfit Marketing Solutions Llc.
  7. Data-driven, Multichannel Attribution
    John Young, Senior Vice President, Strategic Consulting & Advanced Analytics, Epsilon
  8. How to Marry One-to-Many with One-to-One
    Dirk Milbou, Managing Partner, Yento!
  9. Understanding the Consumer Decision Journey
    Keith Wilson, Vice-President, Agency Products, The Search Agency
  10. Innovation and Technology in Direct Mail: Case Studies from Europe and Asia
    Mark Harrison, Head of Markets, International Post Corporation, Belgium
  11. Measure, Segment & Optimize: The Power of Mobile Behavioral Targeting
    Benjamin Diggles, Senior Manager Mobile, Webtrends
  12. How to Balance PPC and SEO Campaigns
    Andrew Beckman, CEO, Location3 Media
  13. Social Networks, Campaign Management & Reducing Churn
    Eric Helmer, Senior Manager, Marketing Campaign Analysis and Support, T-Mobile
  14. A Path to Purchase: How Predictive Models Can Light the Way
    Daniel Rubin, Senior Vice President, Analytics, The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks
  15. Hispanics: Culturally Specific Marketing
    Candace Kennedy-Hess, Multicultural Marketing, Sales & Marketing Director, Ethnictechnologies
  16. Integrating Digital Marketing Across Channels
    Joel Morrow, CEO, Mobile Fusion
  17. Inline Direct Mail Demystified: Learn the Secrets for a Successful Campaign
    Sandy Goldshein, President, Sandy Goldshein Associates, Inc. (SGA)
  18. Best Practices for Pulling Customers into a Mobilely Integrated Future
    Spyro Kourtis, President/CEO, Hacker Group
  19. Let Your Shippers Join the Marketing Team
    Cathy Hayward-Hughes, President/General Manager, Crystal Creek Logistics
  20. Integrating Mail and Technology
    Thomas J. Foti, Manager, Direct Mail and Periodicals, USPS
  21. Being Serious About Putting the Customer First
    Paul Phillips, COO, Causata Inc
  22. Data Driven Digital Marketing: Ideas, Examples, Resources
    Stephanie Miller, VP, Email & Digital Services, Aprimo
  23. Using Online Surveys to Round Out Your CRM and email Marketing Strategies
    Chris Byrne, CEO & Owner, Sensorpro Research, Sensorpro
  24. Mobile Meets ROI: Demystify Campaign Performance
    Morris Martin, Director, Velti Insights, Velti
  25. When Your Client Demands "Viral"
    Christopher Correa, VP, Communications, Alphabird
  26. Shades of Grey: How Smart is the New Sexy!
    Peter Towner, National Account Manager, Japs-Olson Company
  27. Today's Personalization Technologies to Fit Your DM Campaign
    Stephen Rhodes, Account Executive, Japs-Olson Company
  28. B-to-B Content Clinic: a Hands-on Look at Real-life B-to-B Content
    Nolin Lechasseur, Managing Partner, Brainrider
  29. The Evolution of Privacy Online and The Outlook Going Forward
    Michael Benedek, CEO, Datonics
  30. The Document Doctors: Breathing Life into Your Customer Communication
    Pat Mcgrew, Production Mail Evangelist, HP
  31. How to Drive Transformational New Customer Growth
    Russell Kern, President/Founder, The Kern Organization
  32. B-to-B Purchasing Cycles: Leveraging Digital Marketing to Increase Results
    Scott Roulet, Co-Founder/SVP, BBN Networks
  33. Qualifying Leads in B-to-B Social Media
    Nick Fugaro, Founder & CEO, Vivastream
  34. Leveraging Social Media for Online Promotions and Generating Engagement and Leads
    Alane Boyd, Vice President, Chief Ingredient Inc. & Blazon

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