Thought Leadership Series

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Each Thought Leadership Series module is designed to provide you with leading insight into marketing best practices and emerging trends. Like our general session keynotes, these modules are led by heavyweight visionaries, experts, and trend-setters from all walks of marketing. They will share with you their secrets, experiences, and advice on how to capitalize on real-time and integrated marketing initiatives to engage your customers. You will leave with practical techniques that will greatly foster integration, increase ROI, enhance lead generation initiatives, build stronger customer retention and loyalty techniques.
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Thought Leadership Series

Monday, October 15
1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
Real-Time “Business Awesome” from Data-Informed Customer Engagement
In this session, best-selling author and champion of UnMarketing Scott Stratten will share his unique viewpoints on the conference theme that Data is the new currency, Integration is the best strategy, Relationships are the key, real-time is the goal, and engagement is the reward. By sharing excerpts from his book, The Book of Business Awesome, he will provide real examples of how: Data is dangerous (and powerful); Outrage is contagious; Conversations are not campaigns; and UnAwesome is UnAcceptable. Participants will hear practical advice on how “Business Awesome” can be achieved when marketers re-think what they’re doing in terms of meaningful engagements with customers.

Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten
Author of UnMarketing
and the forthcoming The Book of Business Awesome

Monday, October 15
1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
Delivering a Successful CRM Strategy at the World's Largest Airline
Join this global journey to explore the world's largest loyalty program, United's MileagePlus, and how it has transformed capabilities and scaled operations to serve customers in an increasingly relevant and rewarding manner. The successful merger of the United and Continental loyalty programs involved 90 million accounts and 30 years of transactional history. The resulting Acxiom-based data processing system has enabled new marketing opportunities, resulting in significant incremental revenue and higher customer satisfaction. Find out how United is improving the flying experience; from communicating quickly and accurately about flight arrangements, to reaching out beyond frequent flyer program members, to offering relevant partner deals to enhance a traveler's experience when appropriate. Global and across all touch points, web, email, mobile, customer service, gates, and beyond, MileagePlus is leading the way in customer centric marketing in a world where the consumer and their loyalty are paramount to future success.

Mark Krolick
Managing Director, United MileagePlus
United Airlines

Nada Stirratt
Chief Revenue Officer

Monday, October 15
1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
Consumer Outlook — Early Trends for 2013: The Kinship Economy & The New Priority of Process Over Product
The consumer marketplace is in flux as never before; we’re not just talking about the struggling economy and its overhang of volatility, but the demographic hand-off from Boomers to Millennials and the technology shift to mobile and social. All of these things are coming together in ways that are fundamentally altering consumer priorities. There is no less interest in all things product, but there is even more interest in the process of getting what marketers has to sell. The future is an economy of social relationships, not brand relationships — it means facilitating personal engagement, not managing brand interactions. Trends and growth expert J. Walker Smith will explore the key pillars of this emerging marketplace and provide examples of ways that marketers can find success with new business models to guide advertising, customer service, lifecycle marketing, and new products.

Walker_Smith J. Walker Smith
Executive Chairman
The Futures Company

Monday, October 15
1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
How Convergence Marketing Can Save Your Tush in this Crazy Global Market
I know, I know — it’s tough out there. Just when you’ve got a plan laid out, the market changes, the budget changes, or all of it changes. Combining the core disciplines of brand and direct, the Convergence Toolbox, which includes the Rosen Velocity Scale™, gives you the ability to tweak any plan and deliver consistent, persuasive, and relevant messages at the right time using the right medium. And it works for all media including the emerging social platforms. Rosen will show you how to drive profits by looking at iconic successful brands like Bose, Apple, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Samsung, Select Comfort, and Metlife. He’ll review how they’ve adjusted to the present environment, as well as how to leverage budgets to drive unstoppable yield using the Rosen Velocity Scale™:

  • Develop an unstoppable dynamic financial model across online and offline media based on the expected value of the customer
  • Learn how to use the Rosen Velocity Scale™ to make adjustments that coincide with this ever-changing market
  • Speak to each individual’s needs in the sales cycle, with proof you’ve reached them
  • Build brand and demand across all media fast and efficiently


Richard Rosen
President & CEO

Tuesday, October 16
8:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.
Outlook 2013: Data Driven Marketing Now and Tomorrow
The search for positive gains in the ROI of marketing is accelerating, driving marketers, publishers, and service providers to adapt their organizations to a model focused on understanding audience behaviors, creating campaigns and social conversations, and relentlessly optimizing. Coupled with significant inflows of capital, from both private venture sources and public capital, the technologies that are available to support marketer objectives are providing for more flexibility in planning and execution. This Outlook session will examine the rate of change and where this may take marketing into 2013 and beyond.

  • Recap of the major events of 2012 — what has happened so far this year and what it means for the future
  • First look forecasts of 2013
  • How is marketer spending going to shift in the upcoming year for direct and digital marketing and what does that mean for traditional media (Broadcast, Newspaper, and Magazine)?
  • Macro trends that will drive the media mix including thoughts on data, attribution and audience targeting, challenges in integrated cross-channel marketing, the role of content, and the mobile consumer


Bruce Biegel
Managing Director
Winterberry Group

Tuesday, October 16
8:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.
7 Core Values on Transforming Your Company to Deliver a Powerful Customer Experience
Join Ernan Roman, Relationship Marketing thought leader and recent Marketing Hall of Fame inductee and Sandi Finn, President of Cross Country Home Services, to learn how you can improve the customer experience provided by every group in your organization and achieve unprecedented levels of customer engagement.

Marketing may understand "customer experience". But that won't matter unless marketing becomes a change agent and ensures that every department and employee  "get's it", and changes how they treat customers.

These thought leaders will provide you with valuable guidelines help you overcome 7 major barriers as you transform your company to deliver a powerful customer experience.

Recommendations are based on Cross Country Home Service's 4 year journey to understand how customers define a significantly improved customer experience, and how they used these Voice of Customer insights to transform how every employee treats customers. 

Adoption of these customer centric techniques led to an 8 point jump in Net Promoter Scores in just a few months; even customers whose claims were denied, reported that they would recommend the company. Results went straight to the bottom line in terms of cost containment, increased revenue and increased customer and employee satisfaction.

Roman Ernan Roman
Ernan Roman Direct Marketing
Finn Sandi Finn
Cross Country Home Services

Tuesday, October 16
8:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.
Customer Data-Privacy, Profit, and the New Paradigm
Data has long been a critical tool for marketers wanting to build customer loyalty, but few have been able to draw a direct correlation between loyal consumers and their financial effect on the bottom line. Against this backdrop, marketers also find themselves facing increased scrutiny among lawmakers regarding customer privacy. At a time when financial and privacy concerns are heightened, is there a way to win the public’s trust regarding data while also realizing its direct contribution to profitability? The answer is yes, and the key to achieving it is through the responsible and respectful use of the information consumers choose to share with us. Bryan Pearson, author of the forthcoming book The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information into Customer Intimacy, will share his own five principles for using data responsibly to create real value for consumers. He also will share the results of a 2011 survey of 2,000 US and Canadian consumers, which reveal attitudes about how their personal information is being used. The findings will surprise you as much as Bryan’s disarmingly straightforward tips to winning the consumer from the inbox to the aisle — tips that enable LoyaltyOne to maintain a 99.99% opt-in rate among its 10 million AIR MILES members.
Learn how to use data to create relevant communications that connect with consumers wherever they are:

  • The difference between behavioral and emotional loyalty, and how to achieve it
  • How to turn customer information into customer intimacy through a value exchange
  • Results of recent survey of consumer attitudes about data and privacy
Pearson Bryan Pearson
Author of The Loyalty Leap

Tuesday, October 16
8:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.
Agency of the Future
Agencies face an imperative to change. But how — and in what direction? Historically, at every period of dynamic change in media consumption, two things occur: 1) overall marketing spending increases; 2) the agency landscape realigns. Those agencies that effectively adapt to the new communications paradigm survive and grow, while those that do not make a successful transition wither, merge, or die. Today’s evolving digital age represents the most seismic period ever, as shifts in consumer behavior, advertising production, and message delivery — all brought on by technology — challenge traditional agency practices and structure to the core. At the same time, client companies are demanding their agencies keep pace with the digital era by providing more accountable marketing programs over a broader spectrum of media channels, faster and at less cost. With performance expectations rising and satisfaction levels decreasing, the time is ripe for agency reinvention and transformation to new operating models. This session will present ideas and strategies for successful transformation, with particular focus on how the shifting environment affects agencies with a direct and/or digital heritage. Brightest minds from the agency community will share their perspective on what it takes to become an Agency of the Future. They’ll be joined in panel discussion with leaders of agencies that have already taken bold steps in reinvention and are finding success with their new operating models.

  • The strategic organizational best practices of agencies that will thrive in this era of dramatic change
  • The shifting expectations for agencies brought on by a new client/agency relationship dynamic
  • What services and capabilities clients value most from their agencies
  • Successful practices of game-changing agencies that are redefining their role and function
Sid Liebenson Sid Liebenson
Managing Partner
Marketing Highway


Dave Mihalovic
Managing Director


Michael Lebowitz
Founder & CEO
Big Spaceship
Thomas Schick Thomas Schick
President & CEO


Alec Bokman
EVP Managing Director

Tuesday, October 16
4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
F-Commerce: Turning Fans into Customers
Social intelligence is the key to a successful social commerce strategy and it starts with knowing your customer. Join MicroStrategy, a leader in customer intelligence, as we explore ways in which companies are leveraging Facebook’s Social Graph to learn more about their fans, drive sales, increase customer loyalty, and enhance customer service. Learn how to convert fans into Super Fans, create customer segmentations, and deliver targeted direct marketing offers to your fan base. Other topics to be covered include:

  • Gaining valuable insights from Facebook data
  • Developing engaging apps
  • Injecting Facebook into your mobile marketing
  • The importance of customer segmentation
  • Making commerce more social

Rich Krueger 

Richard Krueger
Senior Director of Marketing
Author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies

Tuesday, October 16
4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Effective Digital Advertising: Making Sense of Data, Targeting, & Measurement
There's a lot of noise about data, value of publisher, and advertiser and third party (offline) data. How do you protect it, leverage it for online targeting and measurement, and navigate the privacy front? This presentation will break that paradigm! Join this interactive discussion where two of the giants in this ecosystem will demonstrate how collaborative efforts between digital and direct marketers are yielding tremendous results today. A myriad of data sources will be discussed including the valuable insights present in brands existing CRM data. Learn how marketers are leveraging the value of their own data assets for display advertising campaigns to target their customers online and measure offline sales impact, while delivering consistency of message across channels.
Bryan Schroeder, senior director, Advertiser Product Marketing & Solutions — Americas, Yahoo!, Inc.

Young Linda Young
Director of Addressable Advertising Solutions


Bryan Schroeder


Bryan Schroeder
Senior Director, Global Advertiser Product Marketing
Yahoo!, Inc.

Tuesday, October 16
4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Marketing to Millenials
Millenials represent a tech-savvy, team-oriented, and connected group who value opinions of others over specific brand messaging. For millennials, digital life and real life are merging and have become almost the same. In order for companies to reach them, they will have to understand their unique digital behavior. This panel of industry thought leaders will explore:

  • How trust, transparency, and authenticity are important to millennials and its effects on loyalty & retention
  • Why relevant brand partnerships (e.g., Nicki Minaj and Mac, Dre Beats) can boost both parties in the eyes of the millennial as being savvy and hip
  •  The value and role that design plays in reaching millenials. Beauty must be more than message-deep
  • How millennials aren’t interested in spectating for the long term. Marketers will have to embrace the vocal majority rising to the top, professionally and financially


Tracy Stokes
Principal Analyst, Serving CMO & Marketing Leadership Professionals
Forrester Research


Chris Pitre
Executive Director, Social Media & Innovation
Lucas Jim Lucas
Director, Database Marketing


Matt Annerino
Director, Database Marketing

Tuesday, October 16
4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Shift Your Game: Mobile 3.0
As massive smartphone and tablet adoption is occurring, there is a major opportunity (or threat) to shift your business or career game to a Mobile 3.0 empowered approach. Patrick Meyer will share a proven set of Five Mobile Drivers that you can embrace from a strategy, innovation and planning standpoint. He then dials in a panel of c-level executives from Fortune 500 companies who are using mobile in boldly progressive, business-driving ways. Specific areas to be detailed include:

  • Insights into Apple, Google & Others to help you build your plan to exploit mobile, social, e-tail and beyond;
  • Re-invention of brand/retail and user experiences with the goal of gaining a marketplace edge through mobile innovation; NFC & mobile marketing, e-wallet payments & innovative retail solutions that look forward to 2013, when NFC will be at 40%+ penetration in USA, and smartphones will be fully NFC enabled;
  • How to accelerate social & mobile fusion to drive results in retail, e-commerce and overall ROI.

Bonus: the audience will get a Free version of Patrick's e-book "Steve Jobs & The World of Mobile" with its insights for the future.

Meyer Patrick Meyer
Ed Kaczmarek Ed Kaczmarek
Director of Innovation, Consumer Experiences
Kraft Foods
Jon Werner Jon Werner
Innovation Explorer
adidas Innovation Group



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