MediaMath Half- Day Session: Thought Leadership in Digital Marketing

From Offline Data to Digital Dollars: Unlocking Your Existing Customer Base to Drive Revenue Online
Sunday , October 14 | 2:00 P.M. - 4:15 P.M.

Room - Surf A, Level 2

Sponsored by:

MediaMath     AddThis

This half-day program will feature thought leaders from MediaMath, Guthy- Renker, Epsilon, Add This, and LiveRamp, to describe the ways technology is enabling direct marketers to extend and scale to reach millions more consumers online than through their existing offline marketing channels. Direct mail, television, print, and other offline channels provide a treasure trove of data and insights that serve as inputs to technology platforms to find more customers and drive more revenue through digital channels such as search, display, video, mobile, and social.
Our speakers will focus on turnkey, easy-to-implement approaches to scaling revenue online with existing resources.

Who should attend From Offline Data to Digital Dollars?
Direct marketers who have had success with offline channels (and even online channels like search engine marketing) but want to increase their reach and revenue online should attend this program. Some level of understanding of digital/online advertising is helpful, but not required.

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2:00pm - 2:45pm: Building a Unified Strategy Across Channels

Joe Zawadzki (Moderator), CEO, MediaMath
Colette Dill-Lerner, Vice President, Digital Acquisition, Guthy-Renker
Corrie Murphy, Vice President, Social Media and Public Relations, Guthy-Renker
Julie Bauer, Senior Vice President, Digital and Global commerce, Guthy-Renker

2:45pm - 3:30pm: The New Advertising Technology Landscape

Joe Zawadzki (Moderator), CEO, MediaMath
Joel Jewitt, VP, Strategic Partnerships, LiveRamp
Tony Yi, VP, Strategic Partnerships, AddThis 

3:30 - 4:15pm: Transforming Big Data into Profits

Joe Zawadzki (Moderator), CEO, MediaMath
Mike Lund, Vice President, Product Sales Specialist, Online Solutions, Epsilon
Kerry Morris, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Online Solutions, Epsilon


Joe Zawadzki, CEO
MediaMath CEO Joe Zawadzki is a respected pioneer in the online marketing industry, known especially for establishing the demand-side platform sector. With his deep experience in audience targeting and optimization, ad networks and exchanges, and real-time bidding, Joe is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences, roundtables and major events.


Joel Jewitt, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Facebook Exchange

Josh leads partnerships for Facebook Exchange, a platform for leveraging 3rd party data to target customers across Facebook’s 1 billion users.  In doing so, he helps marketing developers build products that drive measured ROI. Prior to joining Facebook, Josh was an early employee at Rocket Fuel, a cross-channel digital media platform that brings artificial intelligence to targeting and optimization for 9 out of the top 10 global brands.  While there, he developed products and solutions that tied brand impact to online and offline results.  Further back in his career, Josh worked as a global Microsoft product evangelist and founded a social venture in education in San Jose, Costa Rica.


Colette Dill-Lerner, VP of Digital Acquisition at Guthy-Renker

Colette Dill-Lerner is the VP of Digital Acquisition at Guthy-Renker, one of the world’s largest direct response marketing companies with numerous well known products sold in more than in 68 countries. Responsible for all domestic internet demand creation, Colette oversees all of Guthy-Renker’s internet media buying and internet media agencies for the core brands including Proactiv®, WEN®, Meaningful Beauty and Sheer Cover . Prior to joining G|R, Colette was a consultant for a variety of clients on media buying and new user acquisition for 5 years. She has also worked at Guthy-Renker Home, Vendare Media and Alpha Dog Promotions.

Julie Bauer, Senior Vice President of Digital and Global commerce at Guthy-Renker

Julie Bauer currently is the Senior Vice President of Digital and Global commerce for Guthy-Renker, a privately held company focusing on health and beauty products (e.g. Proactiv, Wen, Meaningful Beauty, other). She is responsible for driving GR’s digital business growth and is accountable for all aspects of this capability – acquisition, search, mobile, social/pr, digital creative, digital strategy and technology. Prior to Guthy-Renker Julie led the digital businesses of American Girl and drove the multi-channel strategy overall for global Mattel. She also spent 8 years at Best Buy Inc. driving the multi-channel strategy (offline/online) and was accountable for the consumer-facing aspects of digital (e.g. search, checkout, ratings & reviews, social, web site user experience, hispanic and ecommerce technology platforms). In addition to her digital and marketing expertise she has had extensive experience in managing Information Technology departments, including being a CIO for many years. Julie holds positions on the Demandware Client Advisory Board and the Forrester Reseasrch eBusiness Executive Council.


Corrie Murphy, Vice President of Social Media and Public Relations for Guthy-Renker

Corrie Murphy is Vice President of Social Media and Public Relations for Guthy-Renker, one of the largest and most well-respected direct response companies in the world. In this role she combines direct response business goals with social media and PR best practices to achieve measurable and scalable results. Using content as commerce as a guiding principle, Corrie’s background in public relations enhances her strategic approach to authentic, successful social media campaigns.


Kerry Morris, SVP of Product Development, Online Solutions

Kerry Morris has more than 15 years of experience building and managing complex marketing businesses. With deep expertise in direct and analytical marketing across a variety of industry sectors, Kerry is focused on building marketing solutions in emerging media channels. Kerry joined Epsilon through the acquisition of Equifax Marketing Services and helped lead the sale of that unit to Epsilon. He was a founding board member of the Information Card Foundation, an industry consortium devoted to developing new ways for consumers to manage online information.


Mike Lund

Mike Lund has more than 16 years of experience developing and managing retail marketing strategies. With a wide range of expertise that includes both direct and digital channels, Mike is focused on helping companies optimize online marketing efforts and develop an integrated marketing plan. Mike joined Epsilon through the acquisition of Abacus, where he worked closely with leading retailers to enhance their direct marketing strategies and drive strong results. Connect with Mike on Linkedin and Twitter.

Tony Yi 

Tony Yi, VP, Strategic Partnerships, AddThis

Tony leads strategic partnerships for AddThis focusing on data products across the organization. He is financially/operationally responsible for forming new partnerships and managing top existing partners for the business unit.Most recently, Tony lead and managed the retargeting and targeting ad/media solution at MyBuys with over 100 advertisers in the first 12 months. He has also helped drive several new media (agencies, video), software and services startups to successful acquisitions focusing in a variety of executive roles. Tony started his career in Management Consulting at Ernst & Young. He attended Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University School of Business.

LiveRamp data onboarding enables companies to use their offline customer data in online advertising. LiveRamp helps bring the rich and valuable assets of offline databases online creating greater precision and performance in online marketing and advertising. LiveRamp is focused solely on data onboarding and works seamlessly with the leading online ad networks and platforms.
  Joel Jewitt, VP, Strategic Partnerships




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